Couch to Private Practice

 with Danielle Bailey, LCSW-BACS

Couch to Private Practice

 with Danielle Bailey, LCSW-BACS

Welcome to Couch to Private Practice!


This program was founded by Danielle Bailey, LCSW-BACS in July 2020, to provide a place to help and educate clinicians on how to open up a Private Practice.

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Danielle Bailey, LCSW-BACS

Couch to Practice Program

6 month group program. Designed to take you from start to finish on how to open up your very own Private Practice.

One on One Consultations

Time with Danielle to focus on only you, your plan, and your progress.

Monthly Membership

Regular access to consults, FREE CEUS, financial planning, and much more…

Where it all began…


In the beginning phases of Danielle’s Private Practice journey their was no one to help instruct her or guide on how to open up a Private Practice. As a result she had to learn everything on her own and through trail an error which cost her a lot of time and money. During these early stages Danielle decided to document her Journey via YouTube at Danielle Bailey, LCSW-BACS. This allowed Danielle to share her ups and downs with other clinicians in hopes they wouldn’t make the same mistakes she made.

As a result of these videos, more  therapists begin to thank Danielle for her transparency and request more individual help. So that’s when Danielle (and the Lord) begin to develop Couch to Private Practice.